How to buy Requests

- Directly to our store, from monday to saturday since zz11am to 9 pm.

-Calling to 562-6321540

- Mailing to

- Through our web page:

Selling Conditions

- The request will have a reservation time of 7 days, zzfrom the moment that we give you an answer.

- Any claimings or devolutions will be acepted on a zzreasonable time and will be acepted only if the book zzfailure is not especificated on the catalog.

- Each book will have its weight, so you can have an zzidea about the shipment's cost. To access this zzcost, you'll have to look at the shipment's cost of zzChilean Post Service (Mail service), here. If the zzbooks weight up to 2 kilograms, ask the printed zztable. If the books weight more than 2 kilograms, zzask the internacional shipment table.

- The books will be sended by certificated air mail, zzgetting to their destiny 10 to 15 days after.

How to Pay

- The most quick and effective way is using your credit zzcard. Your personal information will be obtained zzprivately by phone, you call us or we call you.

- You can use Visa, Master Card, Dinners, American zzExpress or Magna.

- You can pay with Western Union.

- To buy locally in the country, you can make a zzdeposit in our account of Banco del Desarrollo.

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